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Yummy Mummy Brownies: Ultimate Brownie Box (12)

By Yummy Mummy Brownies

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Yummy Mummy Brownies: Ultimate Brownie Box (12)

SALTED CARAMEL (2): Decadent fudge brownie baked with caramel swirls. Kosher salt sprinkled on top to add another flavorful dimension.

FUDGE (2): These popular brownies start with a fudgy foundation. Then they're made even richer and more delicious with the addition of decadent chocolate chip morsels. They're the ideal brownies for a tasty get-together with family, friends, and anyone else who can't resist these pure and perfect temptations.

NUT TOFFEE (2): New traditions begin every day. Ours began with this tasty little creation.
Crunchy bits of toffee surrounded by melt-in-your mouth chocolate. It's the perfect nut toffee brownie for any Yummy Mummy to enjoy with her sweeties, sweetheart, or all by her sweet self.

BLONDIE (2): A heavenly brown sugar and butter base mixed with lots of semi-sweet chocolate chips and white chocolate chips. Melts in your mouth!

DARK CHOCOLATE ESPRESSO (2): Deep, dark and delicious. Coffee extract adds depth to the batter while chopped chocolate covered espresso beans add a yummy crunch. Dark chocolate chips are sprinkled on top for an extra delicious touch. A fan favorite!

MINT (2): One moment you're thinking about how these scrumptious brownies are filled with beautifully rich chocolate. Another moment you're lost in their crisp, cool, and refreshing taste. You and your guests will agree - these cool-mint treats are uplifting and divine!

•  All brownies are baked to order.
•  Each box contains six brownies
•  Approximate size of individual brownie: 2 x 2 ½ x 2
•  Yummy Mummy brownies are baked using equipment that also processes nuts.
•  Yummy Mummy Brownies do not contain preservatives.

Yummy Mummy Brownies: GLUTEN FREE Salted Caramel (6)

Most amazing brownie you will ever eat!! Fantastic product, no matter the flavor!!

Yummy Mummy Brownies: Ultimate Brownie Box (12)

By Yummy Mummy Brownies


  • Product weight is 2.5 LBS
  • Arrives in 3-5 Business Days



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August 2014