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Veg'd Organics

In 2014, Marifer Vergara had a brainwave. After leaving her job as a publicist for her cousin, Hollywood actress Sofia Vergara, to get married and start a family, she observed that while her growing son always refused to eat his vegetables, he seemed to have no problem wolfing down ketchup. She realized that she might be able to get him to eat his vegetables – and in so doing solve an age-old mom problem – by finding a way to mix veggies into his ketchup.  Marifer then partnered with her friend and chef Gina Eckstadt to develop a recipe.  Working together, they created Veg’d Organics Veggie Packed Ketchup, a ketchup made with organic ‘hidden veggies’ that soon became popular all over South Florida. Kids and adults, tested the veggie packed ketchup, and the verdict was unanimous. Two thumbs up!

Our Mission:
At Veg'd Organics, we are on a Mission to Re-imagine Classic Flavors into Better Choices

Our Values:
1. Eating Healthy is Not a Luxury
2. Have Passion for Innovation in Food
3. Quality: What We do, We do Well
4. The Golden Rule Applies for People,Product & The Planet
5. Constantly Evolve