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The YES Bar Company

The YES Bar is GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY FREE, SOY FREE, GMO FREE and PALEO FRIENDLY! YES!! And best of all -- DELICIOUS!!! We put over 20 REAL FOODS into each and every YES BAR. Why? Because we think you can handle it and because each and every ingredient is good for you AND certifiably delicious.

One of the things people love about our bars is that every single bite is a little bit different. One bite is rich and chocolatey, the next is tangy apricot or salty cinnamon. Like a good date, you never know what's going to happen next...

I never set out to start a company. I just started making these at home for my family so I could have a snack that I could say YES to whenever they wanted one, and something they would say YES to whenever I offered it. SO much more than that happened the day I went in and threw that first batch in the oven. A company was born.

Some customer reviews:

Lindsey on Oct 22, 2014:
My husband and I tried these bars recently at Artisanal LA and they were, by far, the best thing we tried all day!!! We loved them. It's just nice to find something that's healthy and delicious...sans a bunch of ingredients we can't pronounce. We both have a lot of travel coming up, so these will be a great thing to have in our carry-on bags. Thanks for making such a great product!


Tanya Kristine on Jul 14, 2014:
I only like severely processed foods and severely homemade chocolate things so i was very surprised i LOVED these. the sea salt made these bars perfect. can't wait to stock my cupboard with actual HEALTHY snacks.

The only bar we eat

Mel Strong on Jun 11, 2014:
Delicious, healthy, and approved by my naturopath. Both flavors are excellent, and they travel well. We buy them by the bulk!

Love YES!

Amy on Jun 11, 2014:
I love these bars! They are my go-to snack when I need something quick. They also satisfy my cravings! And great for plane travel too! So good for us quick metabolism types!

Heather J. on Oct 03, 2014:
I burn food quickly. I also don't do well hungry. Most fruit & nut bars don't make me feel very full… and worse, they give me a sugar headache from the concentrated fruit sugars. The Yes bar is totally different for me. I don't know if it's the high seed content or what, but to me it feels like it has more protein than other bars. I can eat one as a meal replacement and it genuinely tides me over till I can eat a proper meal.