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Stroopie Co.

More than just a cookie, Stroopwafels are an experience. Ed McManness and his family first tasted these thin cookies with a caramel filling on family vacations in Holland. They learned the proper way to enjoy them, perched on cups of hot coffee or tea, so the caramel melted.

When the Asian economic downturn put an end to their Indonesian export business, they returned to the US in search of new business ventures. Along with opening a cafe in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, they decided to start making and selling the "stroopies" that had been their go-to gifts for so long.

Any American who has traveled to Holland has enjoyed the Dutch Stroopwafel – a rich, flavorful, caramel delight – best enjoyed with a warm beverage or as a snack. Now you can get them here in the USA. Established in 2008, Dan and Ed’s Stroopies are made with the same classic ingredients and flavor that you will experience in Holland: the perfect blend of cinnamon and caramel. Our US operation is based in Lancaster, PA, in the heart of PA Dutch country.   Stroopies are produced locally using all natural ingredients to bring you the authentic Dutch Stroopwafel experience.  

In 2010, Jonathan & Jennie Groff joined the stroopie family.   Since then our US operation has continued to move forward introducing our same loved stroopies with delectable chocolate dipped options….like our stroopie dipped in gourmet dark chocolate with crushed pecans as a topper.