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72% Dark Organic Chocolate (3 Bar Flight)

By Nibble Chocolate

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72% Dark Organic Chocolate (3 Bar Flight)

Our Bean to Bar Chocolate is all about transparency and simplicity, made with just two ingredients, naked vegan chocolate that it is simply nibblelicious!

We carefully select our cocoa beans either with organic certification or with knowledge of its whereabouts.

An assortment of 3 chocolate bars (3 bars x 2oz) 72% Dark Organic Chocolate from 3 different origins: Dominican Republic, Madagascar, and Peru.

Origin: Dominican Republic
Type: Trinitario
Description:  Our Dominican Republic cocoa beans come from a farm called Finca Elvesia. These beans are certified direct trade and we make sure we pay premium prices for these high quality beans in order to ensure fair trade practices and sustainability.
Notes:  A rich and bold chocolate with balanced earthy flavors and coffee notes.

Origin: Madagascar
Type: Trinitario
Description: Our Madagascar beans come from a family estate in Sambirano Valley, where shelter and education is provided to the farmers. With such living conditions the result is a high quality and flavorful cocoa bean that promotes well-being and sustainability.
Notes: A bright and exciting chocolate with citrus, raspberry and plum notes, underlying earthiness and a zesty finish.

Origin: Peru
Type: Criollo
Description: Our Peruvian beans come from a small farm in the Tumbes region represented by a Co-op that promotes high quality and fair practices. These amazing beans are certified fair trade and have won national and international awards.
Notes: A delightful complex chocolate with caramel and dry fruit raisin notes, underlying maltiness and a long lasting finish.

72% Cocoa Organic Dark Chocolate
Ingredientes: Organic Cocoa Beans, Organic Cane Sugar.

+ Certified Organic
+ Vegan
+ Soy Free
+ Gluten Free

Cocoa beans from different regions have different attributes. Think of it as wine. Each region is affected by climates, temperatures, fermentation process, and more. There are numerous variables that make each chocolate extremely distinct, unique and OH so exceptional! …that is of course, if it is left alone. The more you add to it the less and less chocolate it becomes. That is why we only use two ingredients: organic cocoa beans and organic sugar.

72% Dark Organic Chocolate (3 Bar Flight)

By Nibble Chocolate


  • Product weight is 6.0 OZ
  • Arrives in 3-5 Business Days
  • This product is vegan - vegetarian - organic - gluten free - no nuts - no soy - dairy free



Shop Opened:
June 2015