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Mangé Mega Pack

By Mangé Fresh Fruit Vinegar

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Mangé Mega Pack

The Mangé Mega Pack is FULL of 11 amazing flavors - Each in a 200ml bottle!

Blackberry - Mure
Passion Fruit - Fruit de la Passion
Mango - Mangue
White Peach - Peche Blanch
Raspberry - Framboise
Blood Orange - Orange Sanguine
Pear - Poir
Red Pepper - Poivron Rouge
Green Apple - Pomme Verte
Cherry - Cerise
Fig - Figue

Blackberry - Mure:
Blackberry Vinegar's deep berry flavor adds a great taste to any dish which need the extra rich berry addition. It has a robust velvety texture which compliments an array of dishes from fruit salads to meats.

Passion Fruit - Fruit de la Passion:
The perfect passion for salad lovers. This strong passion fruit taste adds a tropical accent to any dish. It can be used on a traditional salad or if your feeling adventurous atop a ceviche seafood salad. This is the perfect vinegar to give a great exotic taste to your dishes.

Mango - Mangue:
A delicious vinegar bringing the essence of the tropics to your dishes. This vinegar the first out of our series of 10 which goes great with seafood and seafood salads. It is a full has a very full a pronounced flavor great for topping off many combinations of dishes. Mix with Passion Fruit Vinegar to create an erotic fruit blend which is sure to compliment any seafood prepared.

White Peach - Peche Blanch:
White Peach Vinegar is a nice sweet velvety vinegar. This vinegar encompasses all the taste of those great summer peaches into a bottle. One of the most dynamic vinegars which can enrich dishes from filet of sole to French toast.

Raspberry - Framboise:
Raspberry vinegar is a cheese lovers perfect vinegar. One of the most well known vinegar to consumers.  We've taken that taste you have always loved and made it into a healthy, simple recipe, yet complex tasting vinegar. This vinegar compliments cheddar, blue and camembert cheese with ease.

Blood Orange - Orange Sanguine:
One of the more exotic vinegars we produce. If you've never tasted a Blood Orange you've been missing out. It has almost the same taste as an orange but with a sweeter fuller finish. Definitely a must try if you've never had one! This great fresh vinegar works well on so many dishes and produce it's hard to know where to start with it.

Pear - Poir:
Yep that's pear. This beautiful vinegar is one of the most elegant bottles. To compliment it's beauty this vinegar has the taste to rival that best pear you have ever eaten.  A great quick salad dressing which will make almost any salad great. It also compliments dried fruit chutneys and all winter squashes. Add it to your BBQ veggies for a great surprise.

Red Pepper - Poivron Rouge:
Red Pepper Vinegar. Never had it before? You are missing out. This great rich flavor is great for grilled steaks salads and sandwiches. This vinegar preserves the great taste of red pepper with just enough vinegar to stimulate those acidic receptors on your tongue. Add this flavor to all you BBQ meats and salads to give them a great pop.

Green Apple - Pomme Verte:
Green Apple Vinegar is an great compliment in creating great dishes . This vinegar carries that fall time flavor of green apple with the added acidic punch of vinegar which kicks up any dish you add it to. Goat cheese with walnuts and raisins is just one of the great salads you could create with this vinegar.

Cherry - Cerise:
This is the vinegar for all those cherry lovers. This succulent Cherry Vinegar is a vinegar to stand on it's own. Although this expressive vinegar can go with a variety of dishes, it's bold character is a great presence on a cheese and charcuterie(meats and sausage) plate as well.

Fig - Figue:
Fig vinegar is one of the newest additions to our family of great vinegars. This is the best side for a cheese platter and for plate decoration. The true taste of fig is perfectly balanced with a pallet cleansing acidic finish. It is sure to impress even the best chefs and foodies.

Mangé Mega Pack

By Mangé Fresh Fruit Vinegar


  • Product weight is 1.0 LBS
  • Arrives in 6-8 Business Days
  • This product is vegan - vegetarian - gluten free - no nuts - no soy - dairy free



Shop Opened:
June 2014

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