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Jem Raw Organics

Jem Raw Chocolates are created by independent artisans producing healthy chocolates, sauces and nut butters that satisfy the mind, body and spirit. Using extremely heavy grinding stones and a lot of patience, Jem is able to achieve incredibly smooth nut butters and artisanal chocolate products by grinding ingredients to a size under 20 microns, at which point your tongue cannot distinguish individual particles.

Jem blends superior raw, organic ingredients that never contain gluten, dairy, soy or processed

Stop for a moment and see the green blades of grass. The sun flickers from the last spot of dew left from the morning. It won’t be long until the river becomes our sanctuary to bathe in. The blurry meshes of sun soaked almond trees soften your vision. Vivid reflections of spring almond flower petals dancing in the wind, it seemed like spring was only yesterday. The faint dust of almonds and spices dance with your senses. The caressed earth vibrates in response to your feet carrying you across the lawn for the house. There she was smiling, scented in almond perfume, holding a spoon of J’aime.

Just like our Nut Butter; a Mother’s love is a poetic blend of ingredients. She is our first experience of love and our senses are formed by her from an early age. It’s our safe haven where are dreams live, it’s where we learn to love with feeling, and it’s our place where desires are formed from our senses. Our Mothers impart more than just a feeling of what is GOOD, but a wisdom formed from love.

As artisans we are inspired by the smallest wonders and the wisdom held within nature Herself. Blending intuition with exotic flavors that refine our senses and honor a timeless history of wisdom. Blending with intention.