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  1. DO discover new foods from around the country by ordering from many products!
  2. DO pin and post the products you love and share them with your friends!
  3. DO read the product ingredients thoroughly if you have any allergies or diet concerns.
  4. DON’T forget to read the shipping & shop policies for the products you order.
  5. DON’T worry about surprise shipping costs. Shipping is always included on Undiscovered Kitchen! 
  6. DO contact the food artisans directly if you have any problems with your order.
  7. DO post product reviews so everyone has access to valuable feedback.
  8. DO provide your most active email address in case our food artisans need to contact you about an order.
  9. DON’T use the Undiscovered Kitchen messaging system to solicit food artisans.
  10. DO report any website feedback and problems by email to


  1. DO add several product combinations & packages to give customers a variety of choices.
  2. DO provide as many details as you can about your products and policies to keep customers informed.
  3. DO list all product ingredients in detail to ensure the safety of customers with food allergies.
  4. DO pin, tweet  and share you products with your friends, family and network for more exposure and to increase sales.
  5. DON’T wait long to respond to your customers – it will cost you both their trust and orders.
  6. DO add & update your products regularly as they change, and as your business grows.
  7. DON’T list products, photos or information that don't belong to you.
  8. DO contact your customers immediately if you have any problems or questions about their order.
  9. DO know and follow the local State and Federal laws required to sell food products. 
  10. DO report any website feedback and problems by email to