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Dark Forest Chocolate – 4 Bar Gift Set

By Dark Forest Chocolate Makers

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Dark Forest Chocolate – 4 Bar Gift Set

Our Bean-to-Bar Chocolates make the PERFECT gift! Pick and 4 of our hand crafted chocolate flavors – After you place your order, simply send us a message by clicking the CONTACT button on this page and let us know which 4 bars you'd like to receive!

• DARK TANZANIAN 70% – Organic trinitario cacao from the Kokoa Kamili co-op in Tanzania is used to create this chocolate with its initial coffee/mocha flavor, and notes of strawberry and pie cherry at the finish.

• DARK MADAGASCAR 65% – Made with organic criollio cacao beans from the Akesson Plantation, our Madagascar bar is bright and fruity with cherry, plum and raisin notes.  This is the best selling dark at our shop as its flavor is a surprise to those who have not tried premium quality chocolate.

• DARK ECUADORAN 70% – Organic arriba cacao from the Camino Verde farms is used to produce a rich dark bar with a nutty, floral flavor.

• DARK BOLIVIAN 75% – Our newest bar is made with organic trinitario cacao from the Alto Beni Cacao Company.  It features rich notes of banana, honey and marshmallow with a subtle smoky overtone.

• DARK MILK 50% – This bar is a favorite with its notes of caramel and blackberry and is much more complex than traditional milk chocolate.

• MILK WITH NIBS - Our Dark Milk with nibs (small pieces of roasted cacao beans) added for crunch and a wilder flavor.

• CINNAMON PEPPER MILK – Borrowing from a traditional Mayan recipe, fragrant Ceylon cinnamon is added to our Dark Milk chocolate, along with a dash of cayenne.

• GOAT MILK – Creamy goat milk mixes well with our organic Ugandan cacao to create a 50%  chocolate with flavors of caramel and apricot.

American Craft Chocolate…From Bean to Bar

Dark Forest Chocolate Makers, Inc. was born out of the quest for quality chocolate. Each type of chocolate is unique in flavor depending on many factors including the origin of the beans, length of roasting and grinding, as well as ratio of cacao to sugar.  We use organic beans whenever possible and we verify that the farmers are paid a fair wage.

Dark Forest Chocolate – 4 Bar Gift Set

By Dark Forest Chocolate Makers


  • Product weight is 9.2 OZ
  • Arrives in 3-5 Business Days
  • This product is vegetarian - gluten free - no nuts - no soy



Shop Opened:
November 2015