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Cocktail Crate

Great beverages are my passion.

It started about 5 years ago when I discovered the huge variety of beers coming out of the Midwest. At one point, I was so obsessed that I rode my bike 150 miles from Chicago to Kalamazoo to get a pint of my then favorite beer, Expedition Stout, straight from its source at Bells Brewery.

Next was tea. From earthy pu-erhs to light and floral oolongs, I spent hours learning about each variety's unique history and production methods.  I even traveled to the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains and spent time on the organic Darjeeling tea estate Makaibari.

I also gained some insight into the big business side of drinks from my last job as a management consultant. My consulting work was focused on beverages and sent me everywhere from 5 a.m. beverage deliveries in Reno, Nevada to soda factory tours in Cairo, Egypt.

For the past four years, my passion has been Cocktails. Fascinating and colorful histories, hidden bars, innovative ingredients, I became hooked on it all. Devouring every book I could find on mixology, I began experimenting at home with my own drink recipes and Cocktail Crate was born.  

With Cocktail Crate, I'm leveraging everything I've learned about great drinks over the past 5 years in order to craft cocktail mixers that I hope you will enjoy as much as I've enjoyed the journey that has led to them.

Alex Abbott Boyd - Founder