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Awesome Bars

Awesome Bars are vegan, handcrafted granola bars created in San Francisco by us sisters, Leah & Stephanie. We created this recipe because the world needs a natural snack that is healthy, high in protein and tastes delicious.

With our awesome team, we do everything by hand; from rolling out the batches, cutting the bars to size, and carefully packaging each bar. We put a lot of love in our bars and we know you can taste it!

We use all natural ingredients - no preservatives, no protein powders, no GMO products. Our bars are high in protein and high in fiber – they make for the perfect breakfast, post workout snack, or for whenever you need a boost of awesome.

Whether you’re running up mountains, running the world, or just running to catch the bus, it is our goal to ensure you have a tasty snack in hand for a happy belly!